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Adoption Agreement
The following constitutes a sales agreement between Hilloah Whealser, (Adoption Counselor) and _________________________________Buyer's Name (hereinafter referred to as adopter) regarding rats adopted and listed on this document (hereinafter referred to as rat). These terms and conditions are entered into and agreed upon by both adopter and adoption counselor and they acknowledge the moral and legal worth of this contract.   

Therefore, it is agreed upon that:   

1. This rat is adopted first and foremost as a companion animal and family member and is to be cared for as such. The rat is to live with humans in the buyerís living quarters or in such living arrangement agreed upon by both the seller and buyer.  

2.  Breeding of rat(s) #_________ is not permissible.     PET ONLY CONTRACT __________.  
     Breeding of rat(s) #_________  is permissible.          BREEDER CONTRACT __________.

3. In the event that the adopter wishes to enter this rat in a show, adopter agrees to use the prefix RRLM in the formal naming and showing of this rat and on all official documents and websites.

 4. The adopter is expected to keep the rat in a safe and comfortable environment at all times, ensuring the rat always has food and water provided for it, and avoiding temperature extremes or placing the rat in a situation where another animal could cause harm to it.  The adopter is expected to supervise small children around the rat.

 5. The adopter is also expected to attend to the health needs of the rat, including keeping it in a sanitary environment and providing proper medical treatment should it be necessary.

 6. If for any reason during the life of this rat the adopter decides he/she does not want the rat, the adopter will advise and consult with the adoption counselor regarding placement of the rat. At no time will the adopter sell or give the rat to any pet store, breeding farm, or similar organization engaged in the utilization of rats as food for other animals or sale for commercial profit, nor to any individual or entity engaged in research. For no reason should this rat be placed in any shelter, humane society, or with a similar organization, nor shall the rat be placed with any individual without the specified consent of the seller and at no time will the buyer set the rat loose to fend for himself.

Adopter's Signature: ___________________________________________Date: _____________
Adopterís Address:  _____________________________________________________________ Adopter's E-Mail:  _________________________________  Phone:  _______________________

 HEALTH GUARANTEE: To the best of the adoption counselorís knowledge, this rat is free of any illness or contagious disease. The adopter is responsible for quarantine of the rat for two weeks after taking possession of it. If the rat develops any illness or contagious disease within those two weeks, the adopter has the privilege of returning the rat to the adoption counselor for a refund within that time period. Any illness that occurs after that time period is the responsibility of the buyer. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made under this contract, as stated herein.

Adoption Counselor's Signature:  _______________________________ Date: ________________