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Zico x Crickett
Fawn Cap Dwarf
RRLM Crickett
Agouti Berkshire Dwarf Dumbo
Grandparents:   RRLM Snoops x RRLM Skittles
Grandparents:    RRLM Bruce x RRLM Niblet

Babies Born March 10, 2007
Available on April 14

1.  Agouti Berkshire Dwarf
Reserved for Becky R.  
2.   Fawn Bareback Dwarf Dumbo
Reserved for Becky R.  
3.  Fawn Cap w/headspot
Reserved for Jennifer B.

1.   Agouti Hooded Dwarf Dumbo
Reserved for Christine H.
2.  Agouti Hooded Dwarf
Reserved for Christine H.
3.  Fawn Hooded
Reserved for Lauren C.
4.   Fawn Hooded Dwarf
Reserved for Lauren C.


Please remember to bring a carry cage to bring home your new pets.
No cardboard boxes.

It is preferred that all reserved babies be picked up within one week of their "AVAILABLE" date.

Adoption Fee

Standard Ear $25.00
Dumbo Ear $30.00

Contact Hilloah

Please give your first name, last name,  telephone number and city you live in!  Let me know something about your past or present rat experience.

First time one sentence emails will be discarded.


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